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The Composition of Spring Micro Open Safety Valve
Posted: 07/06/2015 11:07:44   Edited: 07/06/2015 11:07:28  Clicks: 525
Spring micro open safety valve is very practical and its working principle is special. With reflux of the pressure, a C-type slope will be shaped by two inflection points so as to effectively control the opening and closing of a valve. Therefore this kind of valve is relatively sensitive to the pressure and has a wide range of application in a lot of important industries.
Spring micro open safety valve also has its own unique characteristics. Different from other safety valves in function and composition, this kind of safety valve has his own good performance. And the following is the three compositions of a spring micro-open safety valve.
The first one is mechanical fixture. It is also a base for safety valve, which can be effectively used to connect the valve to various machines, equipments, etc. Generally, the available length of this kind of mechanical fixture can up to ten meters and it is very practical.
The second one is a hydraulic power unit, and it can be said the core of a safety valve. The most important safety function is realized by this unit. By adjusting the hydraulic pressure, hydraulic power unit can effectively control the movement of the spring and then open a safety valve.
The last one is a data acquisition and processing unit, which can be equivalent to the brain of a safety valve. Data collection and feedback are all worked here. If you want to know the speed and sensibility of a spring micro-open safety valve, you need to see the setting in this unit is right or not.

The Composition of Spring Micro Open Safety Valve
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